Petit Vour March Box

Products this month

Juice Beauty – green apple cleansing bar

  • My thoughts: I love using this as a cleansing scrub, I love the lather of this, and I feel it does what it says it does
  • Claims to refine and revitalize, contains organic sunflower seed oil and botanical juices, brand is cruelty free and mostly vegan (they’re very transparent about which products aren’t vegan on their website)

Andalou Naturals – citrus sunflower shower gel

  • It says it’s gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, non gmo, 99% natural
  • My thoughts: I would’ve liked this more if I was a citrusy person but I like warmer and spa like scents, but it is a really great body wash so I’ll probably give it to a friend or something

Little Barn Apothecary – honeysuckle + grapefruit body oil

  • Made of organic sesame oil, virgin organic avocado, italian honeysuckle
  • My thoughts: I like it but i didn’t gravitate towards it. Nothing about it stood out to me while using it.
  • plant based, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic

Kahina Giving Beauty – oil cleanser

  • It claims to dissolve makeup and gently washes away dirt and impurities leaving skin clean and soft without residue. Brand is cruelty free
  • My thoughts: I was scared to use this product because i have oily skin and try to stay away from oils, but then i remembered i remove my makeup with coconut oil lol so i gave it shot and used it as a makeup removing cleanser before my actual cleanser. I think it did a great job and I’m glad because I hate when i feel a product left any weird residue ESPECIALLY a cleaner. I love this product but will probably look for a better pre cleansing makeup remover after this one runs out. My only issues with this product: I have to use a makeup remover before using this, otherwise I have to use a lot of the oil and that feels wasteful and not worth my money.

K Voss – bronzing potion

  • 100% cruelty free, non-toxic,
  • My thoughts: I was so excited to wear this but if you’re a big fan of highlighter you should wear a powdered highlighter on top. I find that’s usually better anyways: a cream then powder highlighter. But this is a really great non toxic cruelty free bronzer. I think it’s a bit too light for me though.

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