Covergirl Clean Makeup Review!

I posted a new video on YouTube on Covergirl’s NEW Clean and Fresh products! Watch here and let me know what you thought 💕

The channel just reached 100 subscribers and I’m getting a lot of great feedback from you guys on YouTube as well as instagram! I find it really important to cover clean beauty especially for dark skin tones / brown girls / dark skin girlies like myself. Regardless of your reason for enjoying my content, I’m really enjoying sharing with you all! And sorry for the delay on this post, I had to get the swatches right!

So let’s dive right in, but first please give this video like this video and subscribe for more clean makeup content!

Skin Milk Foundation

I have the four darkest shades: dark, deep/dark, deep, and rich deep.

Wear test: says it blurs imperfections, evens out skin tone, is sheer with buildable coverage, has instant and all day hydration.

Application: I find this foundation to be incredibly easy to use and wear, it’s very beginner friendly. I can totally see myself loving this as a 15 year old and my mom also being ok with me using it. With that said, is the coverage truly buildable? Well….

Build-ability: Maybe so, but only up to a certain point, like after two layers… there is no more covering up those “imperfections.”

Coverage: Pretty light coverage, but is definitely beautiful on the skin, it feels nice and light too.

Oxidation: Seems wear all day and night pretty well. I’ve worn this foundation two days in a row so far and it doesn’t oxidize oddly (like no weird colors or ranging).

Cream Blush

I have all (current) colors 390 ripe and ready, 370 butterflies, 350 flushed, and 330 sweet innocence.

Look at how beautiful these are! These are incredibly easy to blend out and definitely buildable! I prefer blending these out with a fluffy blush brush (as done in the video ) but this can be applied with your fingers as well!

I’ve heard people comparing this product to the Glossier Cloud Paint so if you wan t a review on that or are familiar with it yourself let me know in the comments or dm me on ig @faithvdean !

Cooling glow stick

I have all (current) colors 100 pink thrill, 200 opal dreams, 300 transparent, and 400 so Gilty.

Very beginner friendly product for highlighting – easy and fun to use. I don’t see the point in the transparent one because this product doesn’t really add much of a natural glow in my opinion. It does add some shine and highlight.

Thank you for viewing!! ❤

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